Please read this agreement.

This Terms of Use Agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between you or the "Enrollee" and Peterson's Fresh Market and governs your enrollment in and use of the Peterson's PLUS service. The next time you use Peterson's PLUS, you are agreeing to these Terms of Use. If you are not in agreement, please call (801) 254-0761 to cancel your Peterson's PLUS account.

Peterson's PLUS Member Security

For your security and to help serve you, Peterson's Fresh Market team members will ask you for photo ID on some Peterson's PLUS offers. Guests can redeem store or vendor coupons without showing ID. To participate in Peterson's PLUS, you have been (or will be) issued an account number which links the information on your personal account to Peterson's Fresh Market database. If you suspect that your account is being used without your permission, call Peterson's Fresh Market immediately so that we can deactivate your account. Peterson's Fresh Market will issue you replacement account only at your request. You agree to cooperate with Peterson's Fresh Market in any fraud prevention measures Peterson's Fresh Market prescribes.

Enrollee Authorizations

By agreeing to this Agreement you are authorizing Peterson's Fresh Market, its affiliates and its subsidiaries to verify your identity in order to proceed with a transaction with Peterson's Fresh Market which may include redemption of store credit, price discounts, coupons, department credits, and the like, to which you may be entitled. The authorization to verify your identity is essential for participation in Peterson's PLUS, and will remain in effect until you cancel your account.

Use Solely for Personal Purposes

Peterson's Fresh Market has issued you an account number at your request. You agree to use it for your own personal, family and household purposes according to this agreement. If you allow another person to have your account number, information associated with that person’s use will be attributed to your account, meaning that the data associated with any activity undertaken by that person from their use of your account number will be on your account. This also means that any benefits (store credit, coupons, promotions, discounts, and the like) to which you are entitled through your use of the account number may be obtained instead by the person using your account number. You are advised not to let anyone use your account number.

Prohibited Uses

If you accept this Agreement, you can participate in the Peterson's PLUS as a registered user. If you violate this Agreement, your account will be terminated immediately.

Revocation; Cancellation

Peterson's Fresh Market may revoke your right to use your account at any time with or without cause, and without giving you notice. You may not use the account after it has been cancelled or terminated.

Problems with Goods and Services



Peterson's Fresh Market may provide information to you about their special promotions and loyalty programs if you have selected this preference under the Peterson's Fresh Market Privacy Policy.


A copy of the Peterson's Fresh Market Privacy Policy has been provided to you below, and is available on the Internet at as contained in this Terms of Use Agreement.

Changing this Agreement; Assignment

Peterson's Fresh Market has the right at any time to terminate or change this Agreement by adding, modifying or deleting any services offered. Peterson's Fresh Market will consider that you have accepted the change(s) if you use your account number after you receive notice of the changes. You will continue to be responsible for all charges made before you terminate the Agreement. While Peterson's Fresh Market may assign this Agreement at any time without notice to you, these Terms of Use will remain the same unless you are notified.


Peterson's Fresh Market may not always exercise its rights under this Agreement, but Peterson's Fresh Market does not give up its rights to exercise them in the future.

Governing Law

The laws of the State of Utah and applicable Federal law govern this Agreement.

Peterson's Fresh Market Privacy Policy

Peterson's Fresh Market respects your right to privacy. Therefore, Peterson's Fresh Market has adopted the following Privacy Policy:

Peterson's Fresh Market will not sell or otherwise intentionally release personal information (such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) to anyone unless you specifically consent to such release in writing.


When you enroll in Peterson's PLUS, you are agreeing to allow Peterson's Fresh Market to communicate directly with you regarding changes to its policies, procedures and capabilities. This includes information about new service features, and about information on special promotions and loyalty rewards for account users.

For joint accounts, Peterson's Fresh Market will address communications to the account holder whose name appears on the enrollment form.

Your Preference Regarding Personal Information

As an account user, you control how your personal information can be used for purposes other than to complete your transactions.

To provide you with the most value from your account number, Peterson's Fresh Market may directly inform you about its special promotions and loyalty rewards. If you prefer that Peterson's Fresh Market not deliver such information, please click on 'Contact' below and follow the instructions to contact Customer Care.

Or write to us at: Peterson's PLUS Program Manager, Peterson's Fresh Market
1784 West 12600 South
Riverton, UT 84065

Your preference will be made effective promptly after Peterson's Fresh Market receives it. You may elect to change your preference at any time.

Security of your information

Peterson's Fresh Market has a number of associates who perform essential support services. These may include employees of companies with whom Peterson's Fresh Market has contracted to assist in customer care services. Peterson's Fresh Market limits access only to those associates who need to know such information to provide you with customer care services. Peterson's Fresh Market and our software service company have instituted a number of physical, procedural and electronic measures to protect your information. We have contractually obligated them to keep your information confidential and in compliance with the preferences you have communicated to us.

Regardless of your preferences, there are times when Peterson's Fresh Market may be legally required to disclose your personal information. For example, this disclosure may be necessary to comply with a subpoena or similar legal process, or a fraud investigation.

The terms herein are effective as of October 1, 2012. Any material changes to these terms will be published on this website. By your continued use of your account, you consent to the revised Terms of Use Agreement.